Molluscicidal Activity of Aqueous Extract of Leaves, Stem Back and Roots of Desert date (Balanite Egyptiaca Del.) against common Liver Fluke (Fasciola Hepatica) found in the Snail (Lymnea natalensis)

  • Y Abdullahi
Keywords: Lymnea natalensis, Fasciola hepatica, Balanite aegyptiaca, Mollucicide, Aqeous extract, Helminth


Studies were conducted on molluscicidal activities of aqueous extract of leaves stem back and roots of Balanite aegyptiaca against adult Lymnea natalensis, using standard methods. The intermediate host of the helminth Fasciola hepatica. Snail mortalities were compared between each plant part and snail species and LC50 and LC90 values for the plant part tested were recorded .The result obtained showed that the leave extract was more susceptible to the death of snail species Lymnea natalensis. Comparing the LC50 and LC90 the leaves extract showed the highest molluscicidal activity followed by the stem bark and root extracts. Desert date plant shows mollucicidal activities however it is found to be concentration- depended.


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eISSN: 2659-1502
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