Analytic signal, depth and multispectral interpretation of areas within the Continental Terminal, North-western Nigeria

  • J. Aisabokhae
  • A. Adamu
  • B. Oresajo
Keywords: Continental terminal, Landsat-8, analytic signal, hydrocarbon accumulation


This study utilized the ability of remote sensing and aeromagnetic data of the Continental Terminal, Northwestern Nigeria, to accentuate structural and lithological geologic features as well as depth estimation and mineral potential for exploitation purposes. The analytic signal and source parameter imaging filtering techniques on the magnetic data helped to identify causative magnetic bodies and space-depth relationship, two important indices in regional and ore body modelling. Depth interpretation result ranged from 120m to 2000m in the entire regolith cover where the basement rocks are overlain by clastic materials. Areas of deeper depths coincided well with regions of higher magnetic anomalies while areas of shallow depth coincided well with regions of lower magnetic anomalies with magnetic values ranging from 33121nT to 32980nT suggestive of a likelihood of having the magnetic unit of the basement at the top of the basement surface. The study identified the structural trend from the aeromagnetic map, showing a perfect agreement with the geologic map and Landsat-8 imagery. The Landsat-8 data was used for structural and lithological mapping and in general geological interpretation. Single band combination of 764 representing Red, Green and Blue were processed from the false colour composite image and pan-sharpened using the pan chromatic band to enhance structural features on the map. The study area showed no promise of hydrocarbon accumulation from the structural interpretation for economic benefits. However, economic-grade minerals were inferred due to magnetic anomalies that suggested accumulation of magnetic materials located within the proximity of lineaments.


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eISSN: 2659-1502
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