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Potentiometric mapping for wind turbine power plant installation Guilan Province in Iran

B Sobhani
V.Z. Safarian
M.K. Kianian


The use of renewable energy in different parts of the world is increasing in recent years, therefore, understanding the way and how to use these energies is very important. Today, the use of climate and productive energies has attracted more researchers. The purpose of this research is to determine the potential of the wind turbine power plant and mapping in guilan province based on fuzzy logic and AHP. In this research, wind direction and speed data of 4 synoptic stations of guilan province were provided to assess the potential, mapping and determine the establishment of a wind turbine plant in guilan province for sustainable development using fuzzy logic in a statistical period for each synoptic station since its establishment until 2014. In this systemic model, the monthly and seasonal wind speed were scored using the fuzzy method and WindRose Plot and SabaWind software were used to determine the wind direction. Wind speed mapping map was drawn to establish a wind turbine plant with scores obtained for each of the stations using the GIS. The findings of the research show that fuzzy logic method showed a large variation to establish wind turbine power plants using wind speed and wind direction. In total, the Manjil station with the highest windy with the score of 29.29 were ranked first in the construction of wind turbines after obtaining the final rating each of the 4 stations in guilan province to build a high-confidence wind power plant and other stations are the next priorities in the province of Gilan for the establishment of the turbine plant with the scores (Bandar Anzali: 22.79, Astara: 20.37 and Rasht: 17.91). guilan province is suitable for establishing a turbine plant, because of the potential and windy favorable conditions to use it to meet the needs of various energies, including the electricity of the area. Therefore, it is necessary to take steady steps in order to develop this important industry.

Keywords: Wind direction and Speed, Potentiometric, Fuzzy logic, Wind power plant, Statistical analysis

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eISSN: 2659-1499
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