Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Nutritional Profile of Two Nigerian Edible Mushrooms: Pleurotus ostreatus and Pleurotus pulmonarius

B.O Ekute


This study evaluated the nutritional profile of two Pleurotus species namely Pleurotusostreatus (Po) and Pleurotuspulmonarius (Pp). The basic compositions studied in each of the mushrooms were Crude protein, total carbohydrate, crude fiber, ash, moisture, and fat contents. Both mushrooms had appreciable nutritive content. The results of the study indicated that Pp had higher moisture content of 10.77g/100g on dry weight basis than Po. However, Po had higher carbohydrate and protein content with values of 70.03g/100g and 8.68g/100g respectively. It can be deduced from this study that despite the variations in value due to certain factors such as storage conditions, environmental conditions and growth substrate, the nutrients content of the mushrooms makes them healthy food stuff and could be used as a cheaper source of protein especially in rural areas.

Keywords: mushroom, total carbohydrate, protein, nutrients, health, diet

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