Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Evaluating the Variability in Lycopene and Agronomic Characteristics of Different Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) Genotypes

L Eboigbe, V.E Edemevughe


The study was aimed at generating data in breeding for tomato varieties with improved lycopene content. Different tomato genotypes were evaluated for variability in lycopene and agronomic characteristics. The lycopene content obtained ranged from 0.024 ±0.004mg/g to 0.190±0.008mg/g. LOO170 recorded the highest lycopene while NGRM10001 recorded the lowest lycopene. Lycopene in all tomato genotypes evaluated showed a coefficient of variation of 55.10%. This indicated variability in the lycopene content of tomato varieties. Traits such as fruit weight, number of fruits per plant and growth rate also showed high estimate of coefficient of variation thus suggesting a positive correlation with lycopene content. High coefficient of variation in these traits thus serves as indices for selection in tomato breeding programme

Keywords: Lycopene, Tomato genotypes, variability, agronomic trait

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