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The Respiratory System Has a Resourceful Defense Organization; A Review

V.I Iyawe, A Omorogiuwa


The respiratory system is essentially made up of a channel which starts from the nostrils and ends in the alveoli. Although it is primarily adapted for gaseous exchange, it has a resourceful defense organization which traverses the nose to the alveoli. Defense structures include fine hairs, mucous membrane in the nostrils, ciliated epithelium in the tracheobronchial tree and immune cells in all parts of the respiratory tract to the alveoli. Thus in studying the anatomy and physiology of respiratory system ,the non-respiratory function of defense should attract adequate attention as partial or whole dysfunction of the respiratory tract not only has a potential capacity of compromising gaseous exchange but also attenuating the functional defense structures of the respiratory system. This review is thus aimed at bringing to lime light the defense functions of the respiratory system being one of the gateways to the entire body system. The review shows that the respiratory system is very versatile in its defense functions and this should be kept in view by Respiratory Physicians when managing respiratory conditions as this will ultimately brighten the overall outcome.

Keywords: Respiratory system, Gaseous exchange, Defense function
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