Proximate Composition, Vitamin, Mineral and biologically Active Compounds Levels in Leaves of Mangifera indica (Mango), Persea americana (Avocado pea), and Annona muricata (Sour sop)

  • IL Princwill-Ogbonna
  • PC Ogbonna
  • IB Ogujiofor
Keywords: proximate, mineral, vitamins, phytochemicals, mango, avocado, sour sop.


The high rate of food insecurity in Nigeria has resulted to malnutrition and sicknesses especially in the rural areas. To address this challenges, this study assessed the levels of biologically active compounds, some essential
proximate, vitamin and mineral in leaves of Mango, Avocado pea and Sour sop to determine their nutritional and health benefits. The results indicate that the highest significant (P<0.05) values of crude protein (17.94±0.99 %), calorific value (370.47±1.01 KJ), carbohydrate (66.04±1.00 %),  thiamine (0.52±0.01 mg), beta-carotene (115.50±0.01 mg) and K (0.60±0.01 %), alkaloid (2.26±0.01 %) and saponin (1.33±0.01 %) were  observed in Avocado pea while ether extract (4.30±0.95 %), ash (8.24±0.99 %), crude fiber (10.60±0.95 %), ascorbic acid (13.20±0.90 mg), riboflavin (0.21±0.01 mg), Ca (4.41±0.01 %), P (0.40±0.01 %),  tannin (1.38±0.01 %), flavonoid (0.85±0.01 %) and phenol (0.37±0.01 %)
were obtained in Mango. The highest content of niacin (0.41±0.01 mg), Mg (1.70±0.01 %), N (2.98±0.99 %) and phytate (0.30±0.01 %) were recorded in sour sop. The highest values of Na was statistically the same (P>0.05) in Mango (0.23±0.01 %) and Sour sop (0.23±0.01 %) but significantly  (P<0.05) higher than 0.19±0.01 % in Avocado pea. Similarly the highest moisture content was observed in Avocado pea (21.74±0.99 %) which is statistically equal with 20.10±0.90% in Mango but significantly (P<0.05) higher than 16.58±1.00 % in Sour sop. The leaves of Mango and Avocado pea are potential source of vitamins, mineral, phytochemical and proximate composition and is strongly recommended for nutritional and therapeutic uses to enhance good health of people.

Key words: proximate, mineral, vitamins, phytochemicals, mango, avocado, sour sop.


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