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Evaluation of hydrocarbon potential, quality of source rock facies, and delineating of their depositional environment in Mamu Formation of Anambra Basin, Nigeria

G.E. Maju-Oyovwikowhe, B.P. Malomi


This investigation was carried out by collecting a total of six shale samples from two exposures of Mamu formation in Enugu and Igarra for geochemical analysis for investigation of source rock potential and environment of deposition. The values of TOC (1.79-3.16wt %) and SOM (1450 – 1625ppm) reveals that the shale of Mamu at the two locations are good – very good source rocks. The plot of hydrogen index against oxygen index and TOC against petroleum genetic potential shows both type III and IV kerogen indicating a gas prone and inert kerogen content. The values of Tmax ranges from (390Oc – 437OC) suggesting that the source rock is immature to early thermally mature. Finally, the cross plot of TSC against TOC confirms a normal marine depositional environment for the samples collected at both locations.

Keywords: Hydrocarbon Potential, Environment of Deposition, Mamu Formation, Cross Plot
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