Effects of aqueous leaf extract of Mucuna Pruriens (Linn.) on the weight and histology of the testis and epididymis in adult male Wistar rats

  • R.A. Orheruata
  • A. Ejeguo
  • C.L. Sakpa
Keywords: Mucuna pruriens, weight, testis and epididymis


Mucuna pruriens, a leguminous plant common to Africa and Asia has been used for managing infertility in males, disorder of the nervous system, and also as an aphrodisiac. This study was aimed at investigating the effect of aqueous leaf extract of Mucuna pruriens on the weight of the animals, reproductive organs (testis and epididymis) and histology of the testis and epididymis. Twenty- five adult male Wistar rats weighing above 200g were randomized into five (5) groups consisting five (5) rats each. Group A received 1ml sterile water via oral route to compensate for stress of administration incurred in the treated groups. Group B1 and B2 received 500mg/kg body weight via oral route for 4 and 8 weeks respectively and group C1 and C2 received 1500mg/kg body weight of extract via oral route daily for 4 and 8 respectively. The extract did not cause any significant change in the body weight of the animals. A significant decrease (P<0.05) was also observed in the testis of rats in groups C2 while a significant increase (P<0.05) was observed in the right epididymis of rats in group B2 and C1 and left epididymis of rats in group B2. Histological findings revealed distortion of the sequential arrangement of spermatogenic cells in the seminiferous tubule epithelium, absence of spermatozoa and immature sperm cells in the lumen of the seminiferous tubule lumen. Scanty spermatozoa were observed in the epididymal lumen of rats in groups B1 and C2. Findings from this study indicated that Mucuna pruriens had an anti-fertility effect on adult male Wistar rat. Data was analyzed using SPSS/IBM statistical package version 20 and the statistical method employed was ANOVA.

Key word: Mucuna pruriens, weight, testis and epididymis


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