Assessment of Food Insecurity among Almajiri in Sokoto Metropolis and Selected Environs (Gwadabawa and Kware), Sokoto State, Nigeria

  • Y. Sarkingobir
  • M. Sahabi
  • A. Saadu
  • M.M. Bello
  • M.S. Bakwai
Keywords: Food insecurity, Almajiri, child labour, domestic work


This paper aimed to assess food insecurity among Almajiri in Sokoto metropolis and it’s environs using a structured questionnaire on 120 respondents. The respondents were Muslims, Hausa/ Fulani, males and Nigerians. The occupations of Almajiri fathers were ,farming (66.7%) , business ( 16.7%) , and 16.7% were doing nothing. 33.3% of their fathers were married to two wives, 25.0% married to three wives , 16.7% married to one wife each and , 16.7% married to four wives .33.3% of the Almajiri said their fathers have two children, 25.0% said their fathers have three children, and 8.3% have four kids ,and 8.3% have one child .None of the participants attended western school ,but only 25.0% admitted that they like " Boko " ( western education) ,while 75% said they don't like " Boko ".58.3% goes home only after one year stay at the school ,25.0% return after graduation , 16.7% return home after 3years stay at school. 50.0% said they always come with insufficient food from home, but 41.7% said they come with nothing.7.3% come with insufficient money from home, whereas, 41.7% come with nothing. 41.7% eat food thrice ,25.0% eat twice, and 16.7% eat once .58.3% earn through begging, 25.0% earn through domestic work ,and 16.7% earn through external work .75.0% eat tuwo ,and 16.7% eat Gari ,and others. All the respondents echoed that the system hurt them psychologically. The findings revealed that Almajiri children were unable to come with enough food or money to sustain them throughout their stay at school. Thus, this depicts food insecurity, which in turn can invariably lead to hunger.Parents should give sufficient provisions to their wards whenever sending them to Almajiri schools.The government, wealthy persons and relations should fully put hands on deck to help Almajiri child.

Keywords: Food insecurity, Almajiri, child labour, domestic work



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