Evaluation of serum Cd, Zn, and Cr in male cement loaders in Benin City, Nigeria

  • M Omigie
  • F Agoreyo
  • L Agbontaen
  • C Ogbeide
Keywords: serum, heavy metals, cement, loaders


Production of cement is a dusty industrial process and its effect on the health of workers has been studied for many years. The aim of this research is to study the effects of cement dust on serum heavy metal in cement loaders in Benin City. The level of serum heavy metals: Cadmium,, Zinc and Chromium of thirty(30) male cement loaders and apparently thirty(30) healthy non-cement loaders (controls) were measured using standard methods. The results revealed that significant difference was observed in serum cadmium(0.4980mg/L) and chromium(1.220mg/L) concentration of cement factory workers exposed to cement dust when compared with control (0.4030mg/L and 0.03434mg/L respectively) at p<0.05). Proper safety measures such as wearing of face mask and workshop coat is thus advised to minimize the health effects of the cement dust.

Keywords: serum, heavy metals, cement, loaders


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print ISSN: 1119-8362