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Evaluation of Petrophysical Parameters of Reservoir Sand Wells in Uzot-Field, Onshore Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria

UC Omoja
T.N. Obiekezie


Evaluation of the petrophysical parameters in Uzot-field was carried out using Well log data. The target for this study was the D3100 reservoir sand of wells Uz 004, Uz 005, U008 and Uz 011 with depth range of 5540ft to 5800ft across the four wells. Resistivity logs were used to identify hydrocarbon or water-bearing zones and hence indicate permeable zones while the various sand bodies were then identified using the gamma ray logs. The results showed the delineated reservoir units having porosity ranging from 21.40% to 33.80% indicating a suitable reservoir quality; permeability values from 1314md to 18089md attributed to the well sorted nature of the sands and hydrocarbon saturation range from 12.00% to 85.79% implying high hydrocarbon production. These results suggest a reservoir system whose performance is considered satisfactory for hydrocarbon production.

Keywords: Petrophysical parameters, porosity, permeability, hydrocarbon saturation, Niger Delta Basin

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