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Ameliorative Effects of Aqueous Extract of Date Palm Fruits (<i>phoenix dactylifera</i>) on high fat diet- induced Liver Damage in Adult Wistar Rats

P.O. Onyilo
S.O. Innih
G. Ihemeson
L.U. Ogereka
S.M. Nweke
E.I. Obele
I.N. Nwalie


Elevated cholesterol level is a major cause of disease burden in developing Nations. This study seeks to evaluate the ameliorative and hepatoprotective potentials of aqueous extract of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) on high fat diet-induced liver damage. Thirty (30) adult wistar rats weighing 110-180g were randomly divided into six group of five animals each, group A served as control while B was exposed to high fat diet only (using margarine brand); Groups C, D and E were given high fat diet with co-treated with the extract at low, medium and high doses respectively while group F was received the drug Atrovastin as a gold standard to enable comparative effects of date palm administration. At the end of the treatment period, the animals were anaesthetized using chloroform blood samples were collected via cardiac puncture to investigate the activities of liver enzymes, and liver tissue was harvested through a midline incision for histological analysis. There were evidence of vascular congestion and periportal infiltration in rats given margarine
only indicative of hepatocellular disruption. Animals that received moderate to high dose of the fruit extract show mild to total reversal of the damaged liver cells and activation of kupffer cells with concurrent changes in serum albumin level. Aqueous extract of phoenix dactylifera was seen to ameliorate the fat induced liver damage with notable changes in hepatocyte configuration as observed when treated with standard drug.

Keywords: Phoenix dactylifera, Hyperlipedermia, Liver, Wistar rat