Assessment of Physicochemical Properties of Groundwater for Irrigation Purposes from Difa, Dadinkowa and Gwani Communitiesof Yamaltu-Deba Local Government Area of Gombe State, Nigeria

  • B. Hammani
  • I. Abubakar
  • A. Danlami
  • A. M. Gimba
  • M. Abdulkadir
  • Z. Muhammad
Keywords: Physicochemical properties;, Irrigation water;, Groundwater;, Water quality


The demand for quality water free of pollutants that can be maximally utilized by soil for crop production is on the societal increase. The study is aimed at examining some physico-chemical indices of groundwater for irrigation purposes from Difa, Dadinkowa and Gwani of Yamaltu-Deba Gombe State, Nigeria using standard methods. Samples collected were analysed ad data for mean concentration range presented aspH (6.00 - 6.80), temperature (23.95 - 25.78 oC), total dissolved solids (106.98 - 149.51 mg/L), total suspended solids (0.60 -1.28 mg/L), total alkalinity (17.00 - 19.25 mg/L) and dissolved oxygen (1.18 - 2.98 mg/L). The water samples recorded significant different (p<0.05) in pH values and were all below the permissible limits. However, cations and anions; NaCl, CaCO3, PO43-, CO2, NO2- and NH4- showed no significant difference p<0.05 and were below the permissible limit, except CaCO3 which exceeds the maximum permissible limits. These results suggest that the studied water samples are suitable for consumption and irrigation purposes.


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eISSN: 2659-1502
print ISSN: 1119-8362