Effect of Chronic Formaldehyde Exposure on Some Cardiovascular Indices among Medical Students in a Tertiary Institution in Edo State, Nigeria

  • F. O. Ebojele
  • V. I. Iyawe
Keywords: formaldehyde;, chronic;, medical students;, cardiovascular;, exposure


The effect of formaldehyde exposure on some indices of cardiovascular function among medical students in a tertiary institution in Edo State, Nigeria was studied by measuring selected anthropometric parameters using standard methods for150 subjects recruited and divided into three groups A, B, and C with 50 subjects in each group.Results obtained and presented as mean ± sem revealed that the anthropometric parameters measured ranged from (20.16±0.36 – 21.10±0.24, yrs.) for Age; (58.84±1.53 – 61.24±1.67, kg) for weight; (1.69±0.01 – 1.71±0.01, m) for height; (89.26±1.02 – 90.56±0.80, cm) for chest circumference; (20.31±0.43 – 21.44±0.45, kg/m2) for BMI and (1.64±0.02 – 1.71±0.02, m2) for BSA respectively. The data showed significant increases in pulse rate, diastolic blood pressure and mean arterial pressure among group B medical students. It was therefore concluded that prolonged exposure to formaldehyde could affect the cardiovascular health of medical students.


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eISSN: 2659-1502
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