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Developing a Mathematical Formula that can Calculate the Density of MoO3-B2O3-Bi2O3 Glass System from Weight Percentages of its Components

M. Alhassan
M. Usman
S. I. Muazu


Research on glass systems for radiation shielding involves the fabrication of different samples in a sequential manner. In order to determine their shielding properties their densities have to be found experimentally. This procedure causes time and capital consumption and is associated with health risk due to the biological harms of some chemicals involved in it. Therefore, the objective of this work is to reduce the cost, time and health risks by developing a mathematical model to calculate the density of MoO3 - B2O3 - Bi2O3 glass system from weight percentages of its components using Phy-X/PSD software and Python Programming. The input needed are the densities and percentage weights of the constituent components. The coding made in Python programming language to test the formula shows its ability to reproduce or predict densities of the required samples of this glass system with accuracy within 99.59 – 99.88%. Therefore, making use of this formula will simplify the difficulty of refabricating glasses defined by the expression yMoO3 - xB2O3 - (100 – y – x) Bi2O3 for research purposes, which will reduce the financial cost and health risks.