Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Use of Experimental Design for Peuhl Cheese Process Optimization

S Kra, NE Assidjo, KJ Dioppoh, P Cardot


This work points out the use of experimental design for peulh cheese making process optimisation. Peulh cheese, a milk coagulum, well-known in certain West African countries (e.g. Benin), is unfortunately ill-known in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). However, it could be a transformation way of milk. This work consisting in use of a central composite design enables the determination of optimal process conditions concerning: leaf extract volume added (7 mL), heating temperature (84.12°C) and heating time (15 min). When these optimal conditions are reached, the maximal value for process yield is 58.88 %, the minimal value for TCB is 6.40 min and the value found for total
solids is 42.75 %. Furthermore, this work has showed that the experimental design is more suitable than the traditional study method called “one factor at a time”. @JASEM
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