Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Bioaccumulation of Zn and Pb in Avicennia marina (Forsk.) Vierh. and Sonneratia apetala Buch. Ham. from Urban Areas of Mumbai (Bombay), India

A Shete, VR Gunale, GG Pandit


Accumulation of heavy metals (Zn, Pb) was studied in two mangrove species Avicennia marina (Forsk.)Vierh. and Sonneratia apetala Buch.Ham. under field conditions. Variation in concentration of metals was found in leaf, root and sediment samples of these two species from different localities. Both the species of mangroves from different locations had high concentration of zinc when compared to lead. Lead showed less mobility towards the leaf tissue. In comparison to Sonneratia apetala, roots of Avicennia marina showed higher accumulation of the metals.
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