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The Proximate and Elemental Analysis of some Leafy Vegetables Grown in Minna and Environs

AN Saidu
NG Jideobi


Four different leafy vegetables grown and commonly consumed in Minna and it’s environ was analysed with a view to determine the nutrient content of these vegetables. The vegetables are water leaf ( Talinum
triangulare), fluted pumpkin ( Telferia occidentalis), bitter leaf ( Vernonia amygdalina) and drumstick ( Moringa oleifera).Among the four leafy vegetables, Talinum triangulare contains the highest amount moisture (91.6%), Vernonia had the highest ash and lipid content (2.5%) and (0.7%) respectively. Moringa had the highest amount of protein (2.9%). It is also the richest source of sodium while Telfeiria had the highest K+ ion value. The results obtained in this work clearly indicates that the four leafy vegetables are cheap and readily available source of the nutrients.

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eISSN: 2659-1502
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