Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Implications of bush burning on weed species diversity, population density and organic matter content of the soil in Birnin-Yauri, Kebbi, Nigeria

YA Birnin-Yauri, BL Aliero


The effect of fire on weed species diversity, population density and the level of organic matter content in soil in Birnin-Yauri Local Government Area, Kebbi State, Nigeria were investigated. The results obtained
indicated disappearance of Panicum laetum (a grass), Cyperus rotundus (a sedge) and the two broadleaf species with procumbent habits, Ipomoea cylindrical and Tridex procumbens, but there was increase in population density of the broadleaf species that were erect with woody stems. In the control plot, C. rotundus and I. cylindrical recorded the highest increase in density and the erect broadleaf, Senna tora was more or less stable in numbers but Sida acuta doubled in soil decrease gradually with increase in frequency of burning.
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