Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Antimosquito Phenylpropenoids from the Stem and Root Barks of Uvariodendron pycnophyllum (Diels) R.E.Fr

C Kihampa, MHH Nkunya, C Joseph, S Magesa


The phenylpropenoids O-methyleugenol, O-methylisoeugenol and 2,3-
dimethoxycinnamaldehyde, have been isolated as the antimosquitocidal principles of the stem and root bark extracts of Uvariodendron pycnophyllum (Diels) R.E. Fr. The extracts and compounds exhibited activity with LC50 values in the range 17-59 ppm against the Anopheles gambiae s.s Giles mosquito larvae, while the constituent phenylpropenoids showed long term mortality effects to adult An. gambiae mosquito on impregnated bednets, and mosquito repellency that was stronger than the activity of the standard repellent DEET.
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