Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Residues of Organochlorinated Pesticides in Soil from Tomato Fields, Ngarenanyuki, Tanzania

C Kihampa, R Ram Mato, H Mohamed


This work presents the concentrations of five pesticide residues, lindane, chlorpyrifos, endosulfan, p, p'-DDE and p, p'-DDD in soil samples collected from tomato fields in Ngarenanyuki, Tanzania. Endosulfan sulphate was detected in 100 % of the sample analysed with mean concentration of 0.2407 mg/kg dw. Chlorpyrifos was detected in 87 % of the samples with mean concentration of 0.1253 mg/kg dw. p, p'-DDE and p, p'-DDD were detected in 46 and 40 % of the samples analysed with mean concentrations of 0.1482 and 0.154 mg/kg dw, respectively. Lindane was the least detected pesticide. It was detected in 5 (33 %) of soil samples analysed with mean concentration of 0.2126 mg/kg dw. Low concentrations detected indicate the past usage of the pesticides.
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