Atmospheric pollution from the major mobile telecommunication companies in Tanzania

  • M Kasebele
  • WJS Mwegoha
Keywords: Air, Base stations, Mobile Telephone, Noise, Particulates


The extent of pollution from five major mobile telephone companies in Tanzania was investigated. These companies are Airtel, tIGO, Zantel, Sasatel and Vodacom. The parameters measured were the noise levels, NOx concentrations, and Particulate matter. The noise levels and exhaust gases were determined at 10 different Base Stations, 2 Base Stations (BSs) for each company. Results show high noise levels, with maximum hourly average of 83dB (Tigo 2 BS) and minimum hourly average of 61.4dB (Vodacom BS) as compared to the permissible 45dB. Moreover, there is an increased noise level of hourly means of 82dB (Zantel BS), 70dB (Sasatel BS) and 72dB (Tigo 1 BS). However, concentrations of gases at the stack exit were low at all sampling points with maximum hourly average of 0.18mg/m3(NO) and 0.135mg/m3(NO2) compared to the permissible 250mg/m3. The applied Gaussian model provided an approximation of the contribution of the BS generators to the atmosphere to range from 0.0006μg/m3 and 0.001 μg/m3 (Vodacom BSs) at 300m from the source to 0.35μg/m3 and 0.014μg/m3at(TIGO BSs) 10m from the source for both NO and NO2 respectively while the measured values ranged from 0μg/m3 (Sasatel BSs) to 10 μg/m3 (Vodacom BSs) for both (NO) and(NO2) at 2.5m from the source. The released levels of the PM2.5 caused a significant rise in PM2.5 level in the ambient air concentration of indoor and outdoor environments with an hourly average increase ranging from 0.04 mg/m3 (Sasatel BSs) to about 0.25mg/m3 (Tigo BSs) above the standard of 0.1mg/m3. It is concluded that there are high noise levels and particulate emissions from these companies at varying degrees. It is recommended that a minimum of 15m distance between the Base stations and nearby residence be kept so as to achieve a permissible noise level of 45dB. © JASEM

Keywords: Air, Base stations, Mobile Telephone, Noise, Particulates


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