Emerging trends in disaster management and the Ethiopian experience: genesis, reform and transformation

  • M Abebe


This paper aims to serve as a springboard for research in areas of disaster management in Ethiopia. While there have been critical issues that merit intellectual attention and resources, very little has so far been done in the area. This paper delved into the trajectories that Ethiopian disaster management has gone through. It reviews the checkered history of Ethiopian Disaster Management system (EDM) from circa mid-1970s. Having thrown some light on the lessons of experiences from other countries, it indicates the pitfalls EDM has recently faced, and suggests policy and institutional scenarios to overcome them. Key words: disaster management, drought, pre-disaster action, post-disaster action, hazards, disaster, Ethiopian disaster management system, Ethiopia.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2077-3420
print ISSN: 2077-3420