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Changes in remnant-like particle cholesterol level during treatment of hypertension with amlodipine and cilnidipine

JE Ahaneku
K Sakata
T Urano
N Nagai
H Ihara
R Pawlak
Y Takada
A Takada


This study was designed to determine the effect of antihypertensive agents (calcium channel blockers) on the levels of remnant-like particle (RLP) cholesterol; a major risk factor for coronary heart disease, during treatment of hypertension.

Thirty six hypertensive patients of both sexes were selected into this study. Twenty-five of them were treated with amlodipine while eleven patients were treated with cilnidipine all for 3 months. At the beginning and after 3 months of treatment, serum RLP-cholesterol levels were measured in the two treatment groups. RLP-cholesterol level was significantly reduced after clinidipine treatment while the reduction in RLP-cholesterol level after amlodipine treatment was not statistically significant. Our findings show that calcium channel blockers may lower the risk of myocardial infarction, coronary atherosclerosis and/or coronary thrombus formation through reduction in RLP-cholesterol levels during antihypertensive pharmacotherapy.

Key Words: RLP-cholesterol, amlodipine, cilnidipine, hypertension treatment.

Journal of Biomedical Investigation Vol.2(2) 2004: 72-75
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eISSN: 1597-0043