Vaginalmycosis and HIV-1 infection in Kaduna, Nigeria.

  • R N Eni
Keywords: Vaginal mycosis, Genital candidiasis, Reproductive health, Candida albicans, HIV-1 infection


Vaginal mycosis and HIV-1 infection are common health problems in females. These infections cause high mortality, morbidity and reproductive health disorders in females. The study is to investigate to what extent these infections are prevalent in this centre. 300 non- pregnant females who tested positive with HIV-1 infection were investigated for vaginal mycosis. All patients with positive Candida were recruited into the study. The prospective 3 yrs study of vaginal mycosis and HIV-1 infection showed that 18.75% infection prevalence. Of these, the age group 20 -24 years has the highest prevalence of 51.66%. Single females constituted 71.66% of the population studied. General practitioners and Medical officers should investigate for vaginal mycosis in HIV-1positive women and managed accordingly. Proper management of these two conditions will improve reproductive health of women in Nigeria.

Keywords: Vaginal mycosis, Genital candidiasis, Reproductive health: Candida albicans: HIV-1 infection

Journal of Biomedical Investigation Vol. 3 (1) 2005: pp. 34-37

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eISSN: 1597-0043