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Pattern of degeneration of leiomyoma uteri

AO Igwegbe
IV Onyiaorah


The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence and pattern of degenerations in leiomyomas. We sought to relate these degenerations with clinical features. It is a retrospective study of histological features of specimens of leiomyomas obtained at the myomectomy, hysterectomy and polypectomy. Results showed that 88.89% had degenerations. Hyaline degeneration was the commonest accounting for 89.71% of all degenerations followed by cystic degeneration (15.44%), calcification (8.82%) and red degeneration which was the least common (5.15%). The clinical features seen in our series cannot be reliably matched with any particular pattern of degeneration. However, lower abdominal pain seems to be a constant feature in red degeneration of fibroids. There is a high prevalence of degenerative changes in leiomyomas of Nigerian Igbo women.

Key words: Leiomyoma, degeneration, pattern