Engineering Structures and Environment During this Fast Changing Climatic and Human Thought

  • V. S. Kamara
  • X. L. Liu


Advancements in science and technology has resulted in an improved human life style and fashionable engineering structures that have allowed modern engineers to pay less attention to how design codes can be modified in respond to growing changes in climatic conditions. This, together with disproportionate use of building materials and mix ratio in concrete structures, has not only given rise to a dramatic decline in the durability and safety of structures but has caused the use of billions of individual country's currency in repairs, maintenance and rehabilitation especially corrosion related deterioration. This paper throws light on the usefulness of up-to-date design codes, problems facing modern structures and what need to be done to accurately handle this growing phenomena so as to ensure safer structures as the unpredictable changes in climatic condition continues in the 21st century. A mathematical model to calculate the effective diameter of deteriorating beam with delaminated reinforcements and the vulnerability of structural systems are presented and useful recommendations made.

(Journal of Civil Engineering, JKUAT: 2002 8: 37-46)

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eISSN: 1562-6121