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The Evaluation Of Deformability Modulus By Rock Mass Classification Systems: A Comparative Study

Claudia Cherubini
Concetta I. Giasi


The systems of classification of rock mass give, apart from useful qualitative and quantitative indications about the problems connected to the excavation of tunnels and the stability of slopes, also qualitative indications about the strength envelope and about deformability. This paper means to dwell upon the evaluation of deformability of rock masses by passing through the relations available in literature and by discussing the fundamental parameters on which these relations are based, which need to be verified with adequate in situ - tests. An application of some of literature relations to the Bari Limestone rock mass has been developed, on the basis of the achievements obtained through the use of the methods of classification of Bieniawski and Barton and by comparing the results obtained with the ones obtained from in situ tests.

Key Words: Deformability modulus, Rock classification systems