Journal of Civil Engineering Research and Practice

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Effect of Crushed Sandstone Sand on the Properties of High Performance Concrete

P S Kumar, M A Mannan, V J Kurian, H Achyutha


Aggregates are the major constituents in the construction industry. With natural sand and gravel resources being rapidly depleted all over the world, the needs of construction industry will have to be met increasingly from crushed sand as fine aggregates. This paper presents results of the laboratory investigation on high performance concrete (HPC) using crushed sandstone sand as 20%, 40%, and 60% replacement of river sand together with superplastisizer and silica fume (SF). The fresh concrete properties such as slump, air content and fresh concrete density have been determined. The water curing (W-1) and air curing (W-2) have been employed to determine the compressive strength of hardened concrete for up to an age of 28 days. The more satisfactory performance in compressive strength on HPC using crushed sandstone sand has been observed under water curing. It is concluded that there is high potential for utilization of crushed sandstone sand in HPC production.

Journal of Civil Engineering Research and Practice Vol. 2(2) 2005: 1-11
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