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Recent Developments in the Construction of Floating Structures

E Watanabe


This paper presents the applications of floating structures in (a) creating land from the ocean for airports, container ports, cruise terminals, oil storage, power plants, fish farms, recreation facilities, aquatic observatories, residential facilities, marinas and even relay bases for receiving micro waves from outer space, etc, (b) connecting lands separated by rivers, lakes, fjords and channels via floating bridges and tunnels and (c) mitigating the damage caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods or providing emergency rescue command stations for devastated coastal cities, (d) improving sea environment using floating facilities for treatment, confinement and recycling of waste. Many past and recent examples of innovative floating structures constructed for these aforementioned purposes will be presented, and their advantages over other conventional solutions are highlighted. Future floating structure applications are also explored.

Keywords: Mega-float, active control of floating structures, floating bridges, floating platform
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