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Assessment of Termite Re-worked Lateritic Soil as Highway Construction Material

AO Owolabi, OE Abe, SA Ola


The geotechnical properties of termite reworked lateritic soils and their suitability for road construction have been evaluated for selected sites in south western Nigeria. The evaluation reveals that termite reworked soils have higher plastic limits, specific gravities, Maximum Dry Densities (MDD) and California Bearing Ratios (CBR) than non-reworked soils, while their liquid limits, plasticity indices and Optimum Moisture Contents (OMC) are lower. The CBR (relative strength) values of the termite re-worked soils are higher at the queen region indicating fortification of the region against external ‘aggression’. The termite reworked lateritic soils have been adjudged suitable for sub-grade and sub-base of roads while they need to be stabilized before they can be used as base course material. They are in abundance in Nigeria and other African countries at an average volume of about 1.15 x 106 m3 per square kilometre which is fairly large enough for application.
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