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' Church Wa N Memu ' : Satire in the Gospel Music of Niyi Adedokun

F Adedeji


This paper looks critically into the satirical presentations of gospel messages in Nigerian gospel musical performances. Even though there have been some revolutionary changes in Nigerian gospel music ill contemporary times, satirical presentations by Niyi Adedokun make Nigerian gospel mllsic more attractive to sociologists of music and music theologians. The paper thus aims at a socia-musical analysis and theological evaluation of Niyi Adedokun 's treatment of satire in Nigerian gospel music, using Church Wa N Menu1 ( 'Our Church Drinks Palm Wine '), one of his elpees, as a case study. A copy of the elpee is used for the transcription , of the text and possible analysis of the music. Apart from a personal interview with the artiste, few persons were also interviewed both from within and outside Christ Apostolic Church, on which the composition is based.

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