Journal of Cultural Studies

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Arts, Crafts and Indigenous Industries in Nigeria

Oboh Moses Yakubu


The paper is illustrative of the cultural wealth of Nigeria in terms of arts and crafts. It provides a descriptive picture of the various characteristics of the genres in the past and present and in traditional as well as modern Nigerian communities. It functions within religious, intellectual, and socio-economic contexts. Hence, it depicts the relationship between arts, crafts and religion. It captures how people combine work with pleasure (i.e. arts and crafts) to achieve the principles of fulfillment and longevity. And more important, it portrays arts and crafts as a major means of livelihood in pre-colonial, colonial, and contemporary times. Hence, it stresses the need to strengthen various aspects of the nation's arts and crafts for the purpose of an appreciable human-centred development in the country.

(J Cultural Studies: 2002 4(1): 215-234)

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