Ngugi Wa Thiong'O's Materialist Approach to Culture

  • Santiago Rodriguez Guerrero-Strachan


The paper analyzes Ngugi's theory of culture as well as its implications. I have discussed his essays since it is my belief that writers use such to give a full exposition to their theoretical and artistic views. Ngugi's theory is sustained on a Marxist consideration of culture as a dialectical process which protagonists are Man, Nature and Society. After an initial general exposition, Ngugi focuses on Africa's culture: the struggle between imperialist and nationalist cultures, and how both are constituted ideologically and socially. A special attention is paid to art and language. In the latter case, although a brief survey is undertaken, a more thorough critical discussion of Ngugi's theory is established.

(The Journal of Cultural Studies: 2001 3(2): 443-452)

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eISSN: 1595-0956