English as a Language of Self-Defining in Yvonne Vera's Novels

  • Katrin Berndt


The question of language, especially English, as a viable means of communication has been a long and contentious issue in African literature. While the inadequacy of the English Language as a means of communication stresses the trauma of slavery, colonialism,and the African worldview, it is acknowledged that there is growing and influential view that the language not only serves to communicate the experiences of slavery and colonialism but also the more personal group and individual experiences of Africans, especially women who are often consigned to the margins of society. The use of English as a tool for empowerment and female expression thus underlines the analysis of Yvonne Vera's Under the Tongue and Butterfly Burning in this paper.

(The Journal of Cultural Studies: 2001 3(2): 604-612)

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eISSN: 1595-0956