The mammals of Kilimanjaro

  • J M Grimshaw Animal Ecology Research Group, Dept. of Zoology University of Oxford, South Parks Road Oxford OX1 3PS, UK
  • N J Codeiro P.O.Box 708, Moshi, Tanzania
  • C A Foley Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University Princeton, NJ 08544, USA


This paper presents up to date account of 154 mammal species recorded on Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, and the surrounding area, from 1883 to the present, when 128 species are known to occur. Old records are reviewed and several new records added, while four recorded species have been excluded. One species, the black rhinoceros, is reported to have become extinct; another, the klipspringer, does not now occur in the area. Evidence for its alleged former presence and extinction is assessed. Red deer, introduced to Kilimanjaro during the German Colonial period, is now extinct on the Mountain. Other reported extinctions and colonisations of mammal species on Kilimanjaro are discussed and 19 marginal species or taxa for which further information is needed are mentioned for completeness.

Journal of East African Natural History Vol. 84 (2) 1995: pp. 105-139

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eISSN: 1026-1613
print ISSN: 0012-8317