Prevalence of uterine fibroid in a South‑Western Nigerian population: A sonographic study

  • Victor Ukwenya
  • Nwakaego Maduemezia
  • Olasunmbo Afolayan
  • Oluwole Alese
  • Wilson Thomas
Keywords: Fibroid, prevalence, South‑Western Nigeria, ultrasonography, uterus


Aim: This study was carried out to evaluate the prevalence of uterine myoma, its variations, location, size and uterine anteroposterior diameter. Materials and Methods: The study utilized transabdominal ultrasound to assess myoma in 2,575 female patients. Results: Investigation showed 176 cases of myoma, representing a prevalence of 6.83%. 25% of the cases were associated with pregnancy, with solitary myoma accounting for 79.55%. Solitary myoma was noted in 59.09%. Analysis for multiple fibroid showed that 56.94% had 2 myoma; 18.06% had 3; 25% had more than 4 fibroids in-situ. Only 3.41% showed calcific degeneration. Conclusion: While higher values have been obtained in Europe, the prevalence of myoma in this study is similar to that documented for other parts of South-Western Nigeria. Results showed the preponderance of solitary myoma both in pregnant and non-pregnant subjects. Findings also showed that increased uterine anteroposterior diameter is correlated with the existence of myoma and could serve as a predictive index for the presence of fibroid.

Key words: Fibroid, prevalence, South‑Western Nigeria, ultrasonography, uterus


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eISSN: 1596-2393