A Study of Genetics Using Two Simple Mendelian Inheritance

  • HK Odion-Obomhense
  • E Omore
  • OA Ebeye
  • OP Otuaga
Keywords: Widows Peak, Straight Hairline, Earlobe Attachment, Niger Delta


A study was carried out to create an awareness of the significance of genetics and show how people differ.Three hundred and fifty five Students of DELTA STATE UNIVERSITY from the Niger Delta region of
Nigeria were examined to know the percentage of the population that had inherited traits such as widow's peak and unattached ear lobes and those that had the two dominant features together. Their ages ranged from 16 years to about 35years. The ratio of widow's peak to straight hairline of the same sex were approximately 1: 1 meaning that the number of people with widow's peak when compared with those having straight hairline approximately the same for both sexes though the percentage of those with straight hairline were more than those with widow's peak in both sexes. Most of the subjects had the unattached earlobe variety in both sexes. The females however showed a remarkably higher incidence of unattached earlobe than the males. The
percentage of those with the dominant features of both widow's peak and unattached earlobe were approximately at the same ratio in both sexes and was not up to 50% of the population studied, meaning dominant traits are not necessarily seen more in the population.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-2393