A Study of Thumb Print Patterns and ABO Blood Group Distribution

  • EI Odokuma
  • PS Igbigbi
  • TS Emudianughe
Keywords: Blood group, Thumb print, Gender


The aim of this study was to establish a possible relationship between thumb print pattern and ABO blood group distribution. The study involves two hundred and nine-two volunteers comprising 159 female and 133 male. The blood group and finger print patterns were determined using standard techniques. Results obtained revealed that gender was not significantly related with ABO blood group patterns. Gender comparisons with finger print pattern also showed no significant relationship. Comparisons between ABO blood group pattern and thumb print pattern showed no significant relationship P > 0.05. The above finding indicated that these characteristics were independent of each other and may be used independently in the process of identification.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-2393