Journal of Experimental and Clinical Anatomy

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Incidence Of Metopism In Adult Malawian Population

IE Odokuma, PS Igbigbi


Metopic suture runs ftom the bregma to the nasion in a definite characteristic that varies between population, gender and lifestyles. It is influenced by genetic factors hence the population variations in its
incidence.The incidence of metopism in adult Malawian subjects was determined using eight hundred and thirty nine (839) anteroposterior skull X-rays of adult Malawian subjects. Complete metopism was found in 0.12% of the population with no incidence of incomplete metopism. The only male subject with complete metopism had no ftontal sinuses on the skull X-ray. Furthermore, medical records did not reveal any other associated diseases or abnormalities. Our study has shown regional variability in metopism as well as thedocumented population and gender differences. Despite the lowest incidence recorded probably for the first time in an Afiican sample, in X -ray diagnosis of ftactures of the ftontal bone, metopic suture should be considered as a possible differential.
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