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Some aspects of socio-economic activities that affect biodiversity of coastal wetlands in Lagos State, Nigeria

Adetola Jenyo-Oni, I.A. Ayodele


This paper examines the socio-economic activities of man along the coastal wetlands of Lagos State with a view of assessing the resultant effect on the Biodiversity of the area. For the benefit of this study, the area was divided into three zones. The procedures adopted were preliminary interview, market survey and structural questionnaire administration. The study revealed that direct exploitation of the wetland, such as fishing, sand mining, agriculture, logging were common in all the zones and also that majority of the inhabitants of the wetlands depend on it for their livelihood. Shore erosion, fish depletion, water pollution, extinction of wetland dependent animals and Biodiversity and productivity of this wetland will continue to decline and eventually destroyed.

Keywords: Socio - economic, Biodiversity, Coastal wetlands, Lagos State.

[JEXT Vol.3 2002: 93-98]
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