Journal of Environmental Extension

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Indigenising environmentalism - a task for the next millennium

A.E. Adekoya


The issue of environmentalism global arising from perceived threat to the environment on all front and thus requiring attention of everyone. In as much as productive activities have contributed to environmental degradation, then it is necessary to address the processes. The environment as a concept however holds different meaning to different people and predilection and the specific meaning is important as it determines how the individual holds the concept.

The dependence on the environment for survival cannot be overemphasized and when survival is threatened, environmentalism suffers. This, in a vicious cycle, further threatens survival and sustainability. Why it is important to plan environmental programmes to mitigate the vandalisation, the real cost of the damage has to determined either by estimating the benefits derived or reparatory cost. Most importantly the relationship between the people in a community and their environment needs to be clearly understood to enhance their participation in fighting the issue. The living pattern of the people, their local knowledge and values will be a right pedestal to commence.

[JEXT Vol.1(1) 2000: 3-9]
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