Journal of Environmental Extension

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Appropriate extension strategies for effective environmental management in Nigeria

S.O. Awuola, S.D. Yomi-Alfred


On the international scene, pollution is becoming one of the world's greatest ecological problems. With increasing Nigerian population, rising industrialization, large aggregations of people in cities, upsurge in the number of automobiles and other internal combustion engines as well as a steady increase in waste products and materials, pollution is becoming a big problem. It is increasingly assuming critical proportions that need to be addressed for healthy living.

Lots of uninterested ecological alternations are brought about in many habitats endangering many vegetative and non-vegetative spices. Losses of zoological and aquatic lives are equally adversely affected. Effects of these on human life only aggravate pollution's direct effect on mankind.

This article addresses air and water pollution by man and nature. Its causes were identified. Effect of these on terrestrial life was highlighted. Possible control strategies recommended include education or enlightenment, research, and legislation.

[JEXT Vol.1(1) 2000: 10-16]
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