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Assessment of demand and supply of timber products in Benue State of Nigeria: implication for forest policy implementation

BO Agbeja, EE Opii


This study examines demand and supply of timber products in Benue State Nigeria with a view to highlighting the responsiveness of forest policy implementation. The scope of the study lies on plantation establishment targets and costs for 1999 to 2003, actual plantation establishment, timber supply and demand from plantation and the balance between demand and supply. Secondary data were obtained from the Ministry of Animal and Forestry, Benue State. The results showed that the local governments have no responsibilities in forest management within the forest reserves; they however, control forestry matters in free areas and interact with the state forestry department to provide suitable sites for state forestry projects. The major vegetation types and
land use in Benue state showed that 85.6% (2,648,815 ha) of her land use is under agriculture while only 10.6% (326,447 ha) is under forestry. This is an indication of the socio-cultural activities of the people of the Benue State who are mostly farmers. The timber supply and demand balance for Benue State showed a deficit in the major products and the deficit portends dangers in sawn wood and veneers for industrial development of the state. Incidence of encroachment, lack of support from government and inadequate inventory of the resource base in Benue State are serious indicators of poor forest policy implementation. It is recommended that existing forest policies be reviewed and new forest legislation be developed to support forest policies in Benue State.

Keywords: policy implementation, timber supply and demand, sustainability, government investment

Journal of Environmental Extension Vol 5 2005: 5-10
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