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Effect of integrated pest management farmer field school (IPMFFS) on farmers knowledge, farmer groups ability, process of adoption and diffusion of ipm in Jember district

R Rizal


This research aimed to explore the effect of the Integrated Pest Management Farmer Field School (IPMFFS), on farmer knowledge, farmer group’s ability, process of adoption and diffusion of IPM in Jember district. The population of the research was 556 farmer groups consisting of 22.240 farmers engaged in the IPMFFS in Jember district. The sample of this research consisted 400 farmers selected through stratified random sampling technique. Area or region was used as sampling base and 8 sub districts were randomly selected from 31 sub districts and each sub district was represented by 2 farmer groups. Thus 16 farmers groups generated the sample of 400 farmers taken

proportionally. The conclusion is rationalized with the following points: (1) the IPMFFS have significant effect on farmers knowledge; (2) the IPMFFS improve three aspects of ability of farmer groups as ability to plan activity for improving agribusiness productivity, to implement and obey agreement with other institutions, and to apply technology, information, and team work; (3) The IPMFFS improved the adoption of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) by the farmers; and (4) the IPMFFS also improved diffusion of IPM by the farmers to other farmers.

Key Words: Integrated Pest Management, Farmers Knowledge, Farmer Group Ability, Adoption, Diffusion
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