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Nutritional quality of selected Ghanaian crab species

W. Oduro
W. O. Ellis
I. Oduro
D. Tetteh


Crabs form a substantial proportion of the diet of the Ghanaian populace. However, effective management of this food resource is lacking, due to paucity of data on the food value of these species. Studies were carried out to determine the nutritional quality of three commonly consumed crab species, the African ghost crab, the bigfisted swimcrab and the lagoonland crab. Parameters monitored were moisture, fat, protein, fibre, ash and mineral levels. The results showed that crab species have high ash (23.68 – 58.35%) and mineral content (Na, 324 – 1006.76mg/100g; K, 265.62 – 1006.25mg/100g and P, 33.47 – 803.35mg/100g). The bigfisted swimcrab and the lagoonland crab have appreciable levels of protein (4.59% and 4.46%, respectively). However, the African ghostcrab had low protein content. All the three species contain substantial levels of crude fibre. The results also showed that different portions of the crab contribute varying amounts of nutrients to the diet.

(Journal of the Ghana Science Association: 2001 3(3): 37-40)

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eISSN: 0855-3823