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Computed tomography: ocular manifestations in acute head injury patients in Jos university teaching hospital

AJ Salaam, OA Aboje, SM Danjem, PO Ibinaiye, GS Tawe, JE Ekedigwe, SD Pam, CC Ani, AA Salaam


Background: Acute head injuries are common in the population. Associated ocular injuries are occasionally encountered and these are of varying nature and outcome.
Methods: We reviewed 98 brain computed tomographic results retrospectively. These are cases that were done between Jan. 2013- Jan. 2014. Statistical information and analysis was performed using SPSS version 20. Pearson correlation was performed and the level of significance set at d=0.05. Student t-test was also performed to compare the difference of the ocular findings and sexes.
Results: Head injuries are more in males with a ratio of 4:1. It was noted more in the third decade of life. Ocular findings were more in males and the severity of the ocular findings was related to the severity of the head injury.

Keywords: Acute head injury, Ocular findings and Computed tomography.

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