Reference ranges of some haematological parameters in healthy northern Nigerian adults

  • AH Isa
  • A Hassan
  • Y Garba
  • IP Ijei


Background: The haematological values of populations differ due to numerous factors. It is essential to establish the normal haematological values in every population to ensure appropriate interpretation of results in health and disease states.

Materials and Methods: A total of 184 consenting apparently healthy adults (62 males and 122 females) were enrolled into the study. Three mls of venous blood was taken into EDTA bottle. The haematocrit, white cell count, platelet, red cell indices (MCV, MCH, and MCHC) and reticulocyte count were estimated using the Sysmex XT 2000i Haematology analyser according to the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Results: The mean values in the males were: Haematocrit; 47±3%; white blood cell count (WBC); 5.4±1.6x109/l, platelet count; 296±66x109/l, MCH; 27±2pg, MCV; 84±6fl, MCHC; 32±1g/dl, RDW-CV; 13.5%, and Reticulocyte of 1.2±0.6%. The mean values in the female subjects were: Haemtocrit; 39±3%, WBC count; 5.4±1.6 x109/L, Platelet count; 272.0±70 x109/L, MCH; 27.0±2.0pg, MCV; 86.0±6.0fl, MCHC; 31.0±1.0g/dL, RDW-CV; 14.1±1.0% and Reticulocyte count of 1.4±0.8%. There were no statistically significant differences between gender for the means of WBC count and MCH, (p values; 0.865 and 0.861 respectively).

Conclusion: These values will serve as a useful tool in interpreting haematological parameters in the course of managing patients in this region.


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eISSN: 2006-0734
print ISSN: 2006-0734