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Sleep deprivation and coffee consumption induced changes in blood pressure, body mass index and blood glucose in male Wistar albino rats

D.E. Ehichioya
T.O. Oyesola
Y.A. Oyesiji
O.A. Oyesola
I.B. Kukoyi


Intentional restriction of sleep is progressively high and common among those experiencing environmental/psychological stress due to work demands, abnormal working hours and psychiatric/physical disorders in developing and developed industrialized societies. Deficiency of sleep have its several concerns, amongst which include increased prevalence of disease risks and mortality. 30 adult rats were randomly divided into six groups with sleep deprivation (SD) (using multiple platform method) and coffee administration for 30 days after 2 weeks of acclimatization: A (control), B (SD only), C (416.75ml/kg coffee), D (833.50ml/kg coffee), E (SD + 416.75ml/kg coffee) and E (SD + 833.50ml/kg coffee). Blood pressure was determined by cannulation of carotid artery using pressure transducer and a polygraph. Glucose concentration was determined after enzymatic oxidation and BMI calculated using rat weights' and lengths'. Mean arterial pressure (MAP) was significantly increased in groups B, D, E and F compared to control. Blood glucose demonstrated a significant reduction in groups B, C, D, E and F compared to control. SD rats had a significant decrease in BMI compared to control while groups C, D, E and F were significantly increased compared to B. Reduction in glucose across the treatment groups could indicate an improved glucose tolerance, no insulin resistance. Also, increased energy expenditure, may explain the reduction in BMI in high and low doses of coffee + SD groups and increase in MAP. SD + coffee induced stress may aide in the prevention of obesity, type 2 diabetics although the significant increase in MAP.

Keywords: Sleep Deprivation, Coffee, Plasma glucose, Blood Pressure

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eISSN: 3026-8273
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